Monday, February 26, 2007

New technology for monitoring AIDS patients in sub-Saharan Africa

AIDS has claimed nearly 3 million lives in 2006 and a third of these deaths occurred in the sub-Saharan Africa, where this disease has decimated the livelihood of millions of people. More than 24 million people – nearly 60% of all people with HIV/ AIDS – in this region are believed to be suffering from this disease, which can be controlled by using antiretroviral treatments that reduces mortality and morbidity of the infection.

Under such circumstances, it is essential for healthcare professionals to monitor and manage HIV infections in this region, in order to control the havoc caused by the AIDS epidemic. Today, new technologies are available to healthcare professionals to better monitor and manage HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa and this video talk about one such technology, which uses a unique blood collection tube for preserving blood samples for longer periods of time and in extreme heat conditions (which is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa). This technology helps physicians in better diagnosing HIV and for determining a course of treatment for the disease.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to stop trying to contain the virus. We also need to stop worrying about one location and worry about everybody that has the virus.

6:21 PM  

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