Saturday, December 23, 2006

All they brought was measles! Spiritual group from India blamed for a measles outbreak in Australia

The Times of India: After holding the dubious distinction of exporting the polio virus to countries that had eradicated the disease, India's measles virus has now caused an outbreak in Australia.

According to WHO's latest weekly epidemiological report, an importation of measles virus from India into Australia caused an outbreak that affected 84 people in six Australian states.

The report says the outbreak "has been linked to the arrival of a spiritual group from India". Health minister A Ramadoss said:"Virus strains travel across the globe and are exported and imported by travellers harbouring it. Australia should have been careful." Measles is a serious health problem in India and is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality among children below five. According to India's Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, an estimated 52,500 children were affected by measles in 2005. WHO estimates that 180,000 children may have died due to measles in 2005.

To meet the threat, health ministry has ordered the national polio surveillance network to undertake detailed surveillance for measles, specially with November-March being the main season for a measles outbreak. Polio programme director J Wenger said that alongside polio, surveillance for measles has started in TN, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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take it easy, australia can solve the problem

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